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charytinDIRECTV Mas, DIRECTV’s Spanish-language programming service, is launching Proyecto Esperanza (Project Hope). It’s an advertising and PSA campaign aimed at Hispanics in the United States that calls out the plight of orphans in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The television campaign will feature Latin superstar Charytin and give people around the country an opportunity to sign up for DIRECTV Mas through a dedicated telephone number and support The Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

Charytin will serve as the spokesperson on behalf of DIRECTV Mas for the Proyecto Esperanza campaign. Charytin will star in a series of commercials and public service announcements calling attention to the plight of these children and letting people know how they can help, says DIRECTV Mas.

“I am honored to be the ambassador/spokesperson for Proyecto Esperanza. I have children of my own and know first-hand the importance of good education,” said Charytin. “Being able to see first hand the work The Orphaned Starfish Foundation is doing, gives me great hope for the future of these children and thousands of others throughout Latin America.”

The Orphaned Starfish Foundation was founded on the belief that education is a supremely important method of saving orphans from the cycle of poverty. Since its inception, the Foundation has funded the construction and operation of vocational training facilities in several orphanages and homes for disadvantaged children in Latin America, including funding for furnishings, required equipment, trainer salaries, and job placement service.

It’s a volunteer-run organization and currently supports 17 projects in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Panama.


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